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31 Aug

Comment 1: A Few Guilty Pleasures That Might Make Me Lose My Man Card, Rob Walls. September 1, 2011-

Don’t you worry; your man card is still valid. I think it’s awesome when a man can be comfortable enough to watch “girly” TV shows or movies. Some guys will sit and suffer through numerous chick flicks just so they can be with their girlfriends, but that’s not always the case. This summer my boyfriends and I went to the St. Louis Muny to see The Little Mermaid. Even though the audience was made up of mostly women & their daughters, he never once complained to me about having to sit through a 2 ½ hour production. We laughed so many times throughout the play.  As we were walking out he even admitted it was a decent performance. From a girls point of view it makes it more enjoyable when your boyfriend or husband is laughing with you… if not more than you!

Comment 2:3 Things I Can’t Do, Tita Buds. September 9, 2011

This is a really funny, yet truthful post! I found myself laughing and agreeing with about everything you wrote. The reason I found this so funny is because I can honestly relate. My entire family is amazing at cooking. Somehow that trait skipped right on over me. I can’t cook unless I have a recipe or a person telling me what to do. As for driving, I was mortified to drive for the longest time. I finally drove my senior year of high school. But, still to this day I would prefer not to be the one operating a vehicle. The thought of me using chop sticks is an absolute joke. I can hardly use silverware as it is. I’m 19 years old and I still wouldn’t go to a restaurant and order a steak because I wouldn’t be able to cut it. I think it is safe to say that I stick to the finger foods. But hey you can never go wrong with chicken fingers!

Comment 3: Mama Needs A New Pair Of Boots, SzaboInSlowMo. September 23, 2011

I completely agree with this post. Who cares about breaking these rules every once in awhile? Sometimes committing fashion faux pas make you feel edgy and daring! We’ve all heard of the no white after Labor Day rule, but I say break it. If you’ve got a cute outfit planned no one will judge you if you wear it. Same thing goes for your open toed boots; my vote is you wear them! I don’t care if it’s fashionable or not, I’m the flip-flops-through-the-winter kind of girl, and I don’t think that’ll change.

Comment 4: Why I hate (even good) movies based on books, R.H. Culp. October 4, 2011

I agree with you completely. I am among the teens out there who saw all the Harry Potter movies but didn’t once crack one of the books. However, I did read all of the Twilight books and I know how annoying it is when people criticize the movies. The books are so much better than the movies no matter what anyone says. There is so much more information in the books that a movie would never be able to cover. That is why I agree with your post!

Comment 5: The Best Camera is The Camera On you, Winston. October 17, 2011

Those pictures that you took are absolutely stunning. That would be awesome to see. I personally have never seen anything like that before. I think that’s one good thing about our technology now, is that it is so advanced. Even though you forgot your camera your iPhone has a built in camera that works fairly well. Also the fact that we always have our phones with us means you will always have a camera with you. Those two pictures are gorgeous and I’m glad you got had your phone with you, so you could share the picture with the rest of us!

Comment 6: Puppies, Doggies and More, Trons Photos. October 24, 2011

All these pictures are so cute. I just love puppies. And I wish I could have another one! The expression on all of their faces is adorable. The one thing I love about animals is that if you are having a horrible day they completely change that. Being away at college really makes me miss my dog back home! All of these shots are incredible.

Comment 7: 16 Tips to Simplify Your Life, Tom Basson. November 1, 2011

These are all great ways to stay focused and motivated in order to get things done! I agree with you on all of these. I have a hard time not checking my email first thing every morning. I notice that when I do, I tend to get very side tracked. I end up spending most of my time replying to those emails or reading others. I also find that when I have enough time for a morning workout I feel better the rest of the day. This wakes me up and helps me stay awake the rest of the day!

Comment 8: College, Hannah.F. November 7,2011

Hannah I am in the same boat as you are. I still don’t know what I want to do with my life. I am a Psychology major and I don’t really know what I want to with my major. It’s very stressful to not know what you want to do with your future career. I totally agree with you that it should be mandatory for students to sit down and have a meeting with a career counselor.

Comment 9: Happily Ever After?.. Maybe, Colleen Ryan. November 15, 2011

I know exactly what you’re talking about when you say that Disney movies don’t depict reality. As a child I was a huge Disney Princess fan. I loved every Disney movie out there. Now when I watch them with my younger cousins I can’t believe how unrealistic those movies actually are. However, I do believe true love does exist!

Comment 10: Time?, Hannah.f. November 29, 2011

Hannah my Thanksgiving break was the exact same way. I don’t understand time either. It’s so weird to me how time can fly right on by and other times it drags on. I just wish when we were actually enjoying ourselves time wouldn’t go by so fast. And then when we were bored or looking forward to something exciting it would speed up. These next three weeks leading up to Christmas break are going to go by so slowly.


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